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A record player player that combines elegant retro look with modern technology.

Designed as an industrial design designer, Roy Harpaza, Toc is a unique vertical speaker player that combines a stylish retro look with modern technology.

This vertical player with a simple name and unique design is modeled on the popular models of vertical players from the 80’s, like the iconic Sony PS-F5 Flamingo player, and thanks to a special spherical bearing, this player even wraps even distorted boards (boards that are time has been distorted due to high temperature).

Instead of the traditional reproduction method where the gramophone needle is placed on the board, Toc reads music from gramophone records using a linear tracking system with a digital sensor. Using a digital sensor allows detection of interruptions between tracks, and unlike classic turntables, this player can skip tracks with controls via the remote control or touch sensors on the front wooden panel.

Designed to be as elegant as innovative, Toc has walnut wood panels precisely cut out by computer-controlled machines, which contributes to its bold vertical design.


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