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An external camera that connects to a USB connector

Although wired web cams do not have a direct connection to Wi-Fi interface topics, a search for a quality camera to test signal delays through a wireless network brings us to the PK-920H of A4Tech.

The assumption is that most users who use (or tried) some of the video chat applications use a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone for this type of communication. An “external” camera, which connects to a USB connector, is necessary for desktop computers or when the user is not satisfied with the quality built into the laptop.

New application The Webcam is connecting with a smart TV that adds another function to this device.

The most common web cams lack quality components, so the maximum video resolution is 640×480 pixels. HD webcams are no novelty, but they can be found in use and improve the quality of video communication with decreasing prices and increasing the speed of the Internet connection (which is beneficial for higher resolution transmission).

One of the more affordable (cheaper) models in our market is the A4Tech PK-920H. The camera dropped the GameBox from Nis to test the test. The webcam is 74 * 28 mm in size and has a disconnecting bracket to allow it to be placed on the top of the monitor. In the specifications it says that the camera can record a static image of a resolution of 16 megapixels (4608 × 3456), after which the bracket stands for “software interpolation”.

Of course, this information should not be taken seriously because it does not show the real resolution of the built-in sensor. Such information is often used by manufacturers by highlighting them on the webcam webpages. The real resolution of this camera is 2 megapixels which allows it to record full HD video (1920×1080 pixels) of progressive type. In addition to the lens, on the left side of the case, a focused microphone is installed.

The speed of encoding and transferring video at a rate of 60 frames per second with sound is satisfactory, so the delay is less than one second. Windows 10 recognizes this camera as a Full HD 1080p model that uses Microsoft’s drivers. On the manufacturer’s website at it is possible to download the IM Magician.

The quality of the camera’s display is best illustrated by a comparative test in conditions of stronger and weaker lighting. On the left side is a camera display embedded in the HP laptop. In the middle is a picture with an “average” Webcam VGA resolution. On the right is a picture of the A4Tech PK-920H camera that was launched at a resolution of 640×480 pixels, for the purposes of this comparison.

The camera does not have a macro mode (which should not be expected from the webcam) and the focus is fixed at a distance of 20 cm.

Of course, the quality of the sensor in the webcam can not be compared to those in the cameras, but the A4Tech PK-920H, apart from the video chat function, will also successfully capture both shooting and shooting in a home or office environment.


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