Bluetooth headsets that translate as many as 40 foreign languages

This time, Google came up with the idea of ​​enabling us to better communicate with people who do not speak the same language as we launched a new product on the market – the Google Pixel Buds bluetooth headset that translates as many as 40 world languages ​​into real time. This invention will enable us to have a sense of simultaneous translation and our own interpreter.

These are wireless headsets that connect via Bluetooth to your phone and use the application to translate the language you speak into the language you select. When you want to translate a phrase, you simply assign the command to the application in which language you want it to be translated. When the application is translated, it tells you the word and / or prints the translation on the screen.

And if you are talking to another person in a foreign language, then that person says a word or a sentence that the phone registers and translates, and you hear the translation through the headset and you see it on the phone screen, so the person talking to you can see if you get the exact translation.

Bluetooth headsets work with Google Pixel or Pixel 2 phones, with which they automatically evaporate. They can be paired with other phones that support Google Assistant, but the translation function will not work, but will serve as ordinary headphones. Google actually wanted to do something in exchange for a professional translator, because the handsets with real-time Google Assistant support translate. And did he succeed in that?

The classic performance of these handsets is well rated. However, users have one very big offense, and it relates exactly to what makes these bluetooth headphones unique – translation. In fact, users say that Pixel Buds bluetooth headphones use Google Translate and that the translation through these headphones does not differ from what you get when using any other headset on any other phone.

In fact, it is not clear to the handset users why the headset can not be used with any Android phone, but only with Google Pixel phones. Most agree that this is just an interesting idea that is not fully implemented, since the headphones are not very fully customizable for ease of use, they have an irregular design, and that Google Translate as an interpreter is not the best idea. And who would want Google Translate to be an interpreter during some important conversation, we all know how much such a translation is unreliable.

And when it’s mixed with a strange automatic voice that only fits the letters without any intonation and diction, it all sounds a bit freaky and hard to serve the purpose.


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