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Car charger for faster device charging

Sigruno many times has happened to your cell phone or tablet battery being ruined without having any other option than to refill your phone or tablet in your vehicle. However, many of you know that the features offered by most car charging devices are not very good because the devices are very slowly charging. It happens many times and the car charger can not charge certain phones, while in some it works normally. Why does the battery of the device take so much time to charge and why the car charger does not want to charge some models of the phone, we will try to explain below.

Although many newer models have new wireless car chargers as standard parts, in Serbia, most people still use older cars and a standard USB car charger. Since most of these older cars are manufactured much before the phone we use, it is reasonable that car chargers do not have the capacity that is compatible with new mobile phones and other smart devices. And who else is changing the equipment in the car as the mobile phone changes?

And so you come to the situation to buy a phone that appeared a couple of months ago and cushion the new features and features and in the car you have a charger from a couple of years ago. Then there is a problem and then your phone is charging for hours to get somehow up to 15, 20% if you are lucky to start charging it at all. This is because USB car chargers are not designed to charge devices whose batteries require a high electrical current, with more or less the same voltage, for normal charging. They are already designed to charge MP3 players that require 500 mA, which is the most common current power supplied by the car charger in older cars. It’s the same with chargers that fit into the cigarette lighter hole.

There is still a worse situation when you want to charge your phone and listen to music, or use GPS, then there’s simply no way to charge your phone or tablet. Now, the question is why they would deprive themselves of satisfaction or have to choose what will give priority to you, for example, Necessary both phone and GPS navigation. This can especially be a problem when you go on a longer trip and the phones are quickly discharged. That’s why you need to think in time and provide a car charger that can meet all your needs.

Car chargers are made for this reason, because they know what the drivers of older cars are worrying about. Modern car chargers can deliver much stronger power than older built-in models. Auto chargers are available with a power of 1 A, 1.5 A, 2.1 A, and 2.4 A. High-power car chargers are always a better option, especially if you use navigation applications, bluetooth or something else that consumes a lot of batteries . So, the most important thing to pay attention when buying a car charger is the charge current that is indicated in amps (A) and it should have at least 2.1 amps (10W) per USB port. Because it can happen that if you buy a 2-USB port with a total of 2.1 A, only 1A is available at the entrance, and then the device will charge very slowly.

It is also possible to find a lot of better-quality chargers installed in the cigarette lighter hole and without any difficulty charging any smart device. Other features to pay attention to are size, ease of use and compactness. However, what is important to note is that when purchasing, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the charger yourself, so that it does not cause you any harm or damage.



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