KardiaBand device that measures heartbeats with the help of ECG

The US Food and Drug Administration (US Food and Drug Administration) approved the production of KardiaBand for Apple Watch, which measures heartbeats using electrocardiograms. This is the first device to get the FDA with electrocardiogram (ECG).

KardiaBand is a device on the Apple clock belt and has a small sensor that measures the heart rate. The sensor allows users to obtain an ECG result and thus keep up with the work of their heart and in time detects the first signs of arrhythmia, which can cause heart attack or other heart problems and illnesses. Heart function can be captured in only 30 seconds by the user just touching the built-in sensor and getting results after half an hour on his screen.

AliveCor, the company that approved the device’s production, announced that it will soon launch SmartRhytm on the market and technology, for the Kardia application that stores client heart rate data. Technology will be some kind of artificial intelligence that will track the heartbeats of the users’ heart and make a correlation between cardiac and physical activity. It will be able to detect when the user’s heartbeat is out of normal work and immediately send a warning.

KardiaBand with SmartRhytm technology will be a very useful device for people suffering from heart disease and problems and in this way will give them a better insight into the work of their heart. The idea is that healthy people, who have predispositions for the emergence of a heart condition, can follow their heart rhythm and affect in time if there is a disturbance in the heartbeat equilibrium.

Users can send anyone information about their heart work to anyone, because they are stored in memory. This can be of paramount importance and help physicians in detecting early dysfunctions in the work of the heart and adequate diagnosis. In this way it is possible to prevent the appearance of some serious heart disease. Data recorded in the memory does not only include heart work, but also physical activity, weight, stress, and the like, and thus provide a complete picture of the causes of possible dysfunction.

The first warning signals in cardiac dysfunction often give the most information and they are generally mild and difficult to spot. That’s why KardiaBand has a great advantage because it will be able to register the first irregularities, which the majority of patients with heart disease are unable to notice. So the device is excellent in the prevention of heart disease.

The only hindrance in cardiac monitoring via the KardiaBand device is that users will have to carry the Apple clock constantly to have a complete picture of the operation of your heart. However, this is probably not going to be a problem if you take into account that the KardiaBand device can affect the number of visits to the doctor. But it should be noted that the device and the application are only tools that help in diagnosing, to facilitate the treatment of heart problems and are not in any way a substitute for treatment and it is therefore important to go to the doctor, but perhaps not as often as without a device.

And finally, one of the most important things is that you will be able to save money and time with this technology. The beneficiaries will not have to wait for the doctors when they feel a little bit and bad.


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