Meet the third generation of Chromecast

The latest Chromecast appeared in the US market in early October. Five years after the launch of the first model, Google introduced the third generation of this popular gadget. With its affordable price, improved features, but also a recognizable appearance that has undergone minor modernization, it attracted a lot of attention.

What is Chromecast
Unless you’ve been introduced to the Google Chromecast before, we’ll make sure to get to know you. Chromecast is a convenient and easy way to play video content from your phone, tablet, or any device on your TV.

All you need to do is connect it to the HDMI port on the TV and connect it to the WiFi network. The device is powered by a USB port that comes in the package. By using your phone or computer as a remote, you can access Netflix, YouTube, Google Chrome, and Play apps.

Improvements in the third generation
The third generation of this gadget has brought improvements. Now, in multiroom sound, you can stream audio content, and voice control over all networked devices is also possible. Supports video playback in Full HD in 60 frames, for which a stronger processor than the previous models deserves.

Additionally, if you are registered to some Internet or cable services, thanks to the Chromecast device, you no longer have to watch movies and favorite shows on a small tablet, tablet, or computer screen. This device in a simple and affordable way to make your TV smart. Even if you own a smart TV at home, and you love to travel, you’ll see for yourself the convenience of Chromecast. It’s very compact, stays in every luggage and is easy to adjust.

Chromecast is Google, so you might think this gadget is compatible with Android devices only. And you would not be right because the Chromecast is also compatible with iOS devices. You can enjoy hundreds of Apple and Android apps. Manage content from a smartphone or tablet using them as a remote control. Or even simpler – manage your networked devices with voice commands thanks to compatibility with Google Home.


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