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Parking camera – this is all you need to know

Do you have a nightmare parking? In this case, you need a parking camera. And in this text you will find out why. It is one of the technical devices that many people wanted and could hardly wait.

The parking camera is actually a discovery that not only solved the problems of the untimely drivers and complicated parking spaces, where real professionals would be inclined, but many spared additional costs. She is especially happy for beginners.

What are the benefits of a parking camera?

The parking camera today is not something new in our market and is available to everyone, but there are many people who do not know enough about the benefits of this small device. From the angle of every driver that has it, this is a multiple profit and something that would be mandatory for every car. Some of the benefits you get from buying a parking camera are: easier parking, greater visibility for smaller ones, and especially for larger vehicles, better insights into traffic behind the vehicle can also be of crucial importance as evidence in case of an accident. In fact, the parking camera gives the driver the so-called. third eye and allows him to see everything he can not do with the rearview mirror.

In essence, the likelihood of hitting something or someone while parking is minimized. It also benefits when you travel on the road, so you have better visibility about who is behind you and which is moving at a speed. The same applies to pets who often like to lie behind the car and they are visible on the camera.

How much money to spend on the camera?

The answer is very simple, quality is often proportionate to the price. If you want a better picture, higher resolution, better colors and more, you need to extract more money for the camera. However, there are some features to which special attention should be paid, first of all to image quality.

On the other hand, if you travel often at night, then we recommend a camera that is good for night driving, so-called. night vision parking camera. Particular attention should be paid to this function because some cameras during the day have a fantastic picture, while this is not the same case at night. In short, if you can not distinguish between wood and person, do not buy this camera because it is not worth the money spent.
Which camera resolution and screen size is best for a parking camera?

Screen size and camera resolution are also one of the essential items for better visibility. Of course, it’s always better to choose a camera with the best resolution in Full HD. The resolution of the camera should be in accordance with the screen size. The screen should not be too large or too small. In essence, it is best to adapt to yourself and your own eyesight. If you do not have a problem with the difference of objects or beings and you see clearly what is behind you, then this is the right camera and a true display for you.

Another thing to consider is the orientation in the space. It is very important that the image you see on the screen clearly shows where the object is located. If you do not have the best sense of position then this parking camera is not for you. The third item is the speed that must be clear at the start. So, it is very important that the camera faithfully displays the speed of the object moving behind you.

Which features to choose?

Some of the cameras have options where they emit special lines, which additionally help you feel about the space feel. So that can be very helpful if you have a problem to evaluate yourself. For example, green means that you have a lot of space and you do not have red. There are also variants with sound that warn you when you get too close to an object.

Other systems offer multi-angle recording with one camera. So you can have the information how high you are from the road, 360-degree shots and the like. There are already mentioned night vision cameras, as well as those that have special functions in case of bad weather.


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