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Philips hue – the lighting that moves the boundaries

Lighting for all of us has always been a necessary thing in the house and somehow the story started and ended. Most of us grew up with lights on the ceiling and a wall switch. And it has always been a way for some dark parts to shed light. It has never been a source of fun or creativity. In the last ten years, for 15 years, dimers have been installed instead of classical switches. But even then, the lighting would not be called something entertaining. However, thanks to Philips hue lighting it has changed. And it’s drastic.

The most creative lighting ever
Philips hue smart lighting is so powerful and rich with options that it will surely awaken your creator in you. It comes in 16 million shades and allows you to choose the color, strength and tint of brightness. And that lighting can of course be classically white, but it can also be in the most varied shades of all other colors.

In the Smartphone application, you can set the so-called scenario for one room or the whole apartment. By simple voice command or by clicking the button you can turn off or turn on all the bulbs or change color from e.g. white in yellow or red. Additionally, you can give each bulb individually a name and issue commands only for it. This leaves you with countless options to play with your lighting.

Of course, the Philips hue range does not only include light bulbs, but also tape and lamps, which opens up new opportunities for creativity and home decoration. Put the tape, for example below the furniture or behind the TV as backlight and you will get cool effects. With each new shade you will be able to transform your house into a discotheque or a romantic restaurant for two.

Hue party
Enhance your favorite games, movies and music with light effects and you will experience them in a completely different way. The Philips hue Sync application “listens” everything you play on your computer, each song, each stroke, and stores the lighting with what you listen to.

With this phenomenal lighting you will have the feeling that you are at the center of the film. Philips Hue turns into special effects during action scenes, but also contributes to a gentle, romantic atmosphere while watching a romantic comedy.

Think about your safety
If you have thought that hue can only be used to decorate space or entertainment, you are deceived. This incredible lighting is designed to contribute to your security in several ways.

Simulates your presence by imitating your habits, or the usual behavior when you are at home. Your only has to adjust the time and layout of rooms. It will do this in a natural way, including within the time you set, but not every day at the same time. So if you set the time to be 21:30 and you will be away for three days, the light bulb will one day turn on at 21:28, next at 21:30, and the third at 21:33, as you would most likely have behaved You are at home. This way you keep unwanted guests away from your home.

Turns on when you get home. You’ll never see the dark darkness again. Based on tracking your location, the lights in your yard or threshold will turn on when you get home. In this way nobody will surprise you, and you will also be able to find the keys in peace and light.

Smart night light is activated by motion detectors. If your son or daughter had something badly dreaming and scared, so they started looking for you, the lights would activate their movements and automatically turn on. That’s why kids will feel safer right away, and you will also be able to sleep peacefully knowing that they will not hit anything or get caught.


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