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Smart headphones that create sound just for you

An Australian company launched a Kickstarter project – smartphone with noise-canceling (NC) technology that always provides a high quality sound adapted to the listener and its listening features, regardless of the conditions in which the listener listens to music. The goal of the project / headset is to improve the way people listen to music.

When the listener uses the A-01 smartphone for the first time, what is called the model, it is necessary to start Audear’s test application. The app collects information about how the listener listens to music and adjusts the frequency, strength and other performances to the listener accordingly. Whenever a listener plays music on a wireless headset, they will let the music sound characteristics that the headphones have recorded.

This is possible thanks to an audiogram that is unique to each person. When a person makes his audiogram, headphones always use this model. In this way, the headphones are calibrated and will send the same tone to the listener, no matter from which device it will listen to music.

What’s also interesting is that smart headsets adjust the sound especially for left and right ear. The engineers who worked on the development of these headphones believe that the human brain perceives audio signals from the left and right ear and they want the brain to receive them in an adequate way to register them as a perfect sound reflection.

It is possible to hear music just as it is played, in its original form, without additional basses and other added sound elements. In this way, the headphones provide the sound of true studio quality and the listener has the impression that he is in the studio.

Experienced sound engineers worked on the design of the headphones. With the help of smartphone applications that send headphones through commands via bluetooth, they have enabled the headphones to generate test tones to ensure consistency on all bluetooth devices.

NC technology allows the headphones to deliver sound without extra noise from the surroundings, so that the listening music of the listener is as authentic and adapted to its fine soundful taste.

When you test them for the first time, you do not need to do this again because the headset remembers, unless you want to reset the settings and reset the sound performance again. The application also shows an audiogram, which you can follow. In the event that an application detects any major deviations, the user receives a warning that it must seek professional advice or analysis.

The headphones are available in wireless and wired cases, and the battery capacity is up to 66 hours, 45 hours in bluetooth mode and 25 hours when working in bluetooth and NC mode. The listener can choose whether he wants to activate noise-canceling technology or not, i.e. can listen to music with noise from the environment or not.

The reactions of people who first heard the headphones were astounding. They were surprised by the difference in the sound that they hear with the ordinary Audera headphones.

The engineers who created this handset model claim that every person listens to music differently and think that the headphones need to be personalized. Because if you do not wear universal glasses, then why would you wear universal headphones?

The project is still in the stage of collecting finance for mass production, if you want to read more information you can visit the project site. Follow our blog and find out the latest information from the world of audio and video equipment before all.


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