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The new generation Flip speaker is a better sound

After announcing two months ago at the CES 2017 Fair where he also won the Innovation Award, JBL Flip 4, a new model of Bluetooh speakers from the popular Flip Series, which is the golden center of the JBL offer, finally came to our market at the beginning of the month. Since we already had enough time to hang out with this cute portable speaker, it’s time to share the impressions.

Performance and sound quality
The first novelty compared to the previous generation Flip speakers is a better sound. To recall, starting from the third generation, the Flip speakers feature two active sound drivers and two passive bass radiators, modeled on larger and more advanced Charge and Xtreme models. Active drivers produce full-range stereo sound, while passive radiators use the energy they create active to further boost low tones, giving Flip speakers a powerful sound like the one with much larger speakers.

With Flip 4 speakers, active drivers have been replaced by newer ones, which, according to JBL, have about 20% improved performance. These percentages seem to be a little overwhelming, but there is certainly improvement, and the most important change is the lower lower threshold for the low tones that bring the Flip 4 speaker a deeper and more precise bass than the previous generation.

Total sound is rich with clear vocals, and a slightly more pronounced bass brings the feeling of a real party to take what Flip 4 stands out from other competitive speakers at its price range.

Speaker design and packaging
As for physical appearance, the Flip 4 is almost identical to the previous model, with a couple of millimeters of longer body and slightly modified shape for better fit when placed horizontally on a flat surface. These minor changes are negligible and at first glance inconspicuous, which keeps a compact design that allows the wearing of speakers in one hand.

This time, JBL has reduced the number of available colors from 8 to 6, while real refreshment is the return of white, which was very popular with the first and second generation Flip speakers, and it was not the third one. There are still no details of any special edition edition, but given that the Flip 3 speaker model was only presented a few months later, it can be expected that they will be with the new model sometime later.

Unlike the Flip 3 speaker that is resistant only to water wetting like rain and accidental spillage, the new Flip 4 has a completely waterproof design according to the IPx7 standard, which also includes the possibility of immersing in water. It is important to note that IPx7 does not mean multi-hour operation under water, but only a dip for up to 30 minutes – more than enough to dive with it or to remove it if you accidentally fall into the water.

The Flip 4 speaker package has been completely redesigned for a more modern look, and at first glance it leaves the impression that it is a premium device.

Bluetooth connectivity and JBL Connect +
The wireless connection of the Flip 4 speakers is very simple and fast thanks to Bluetooth technology, just press the Bluetooth button on the Flip 4 speaker once, and then select Flip 4 in your list of available Bluetooth devices. You can also connect two phones at the same time for alternating music playback.

The JBL Flip 4 also brings a very interesting novelty when it comes to connecting, which is the new JBL Connect + technology for interconnecting more compatible speakers. JBL Connect technology has been on for some time with advanced speaker models, but the old version was limited to connecting two speakers simultaneously. Connect + is an enhanced version of this technology that allows connecting almost unlimited number of speakers, i.e. more than 100 speakers can be connected simultaneously.

Connect + technology has two modes of operation, the so-called Party Mode being the default. In this mode, all connected speakers play the same music for stronger sound and can be activated directly by pressing the “Connect” button on each of the speakers you want to connect directly. The second mode is activated only through the JBL Connect application and allows you to connect two speakers to a stereo pair, each of the speakers playing one channel (left and right), for example when you want to use them for watching movies.

If you already have one of the JBL speakers with the older Connect technology, you will also be happy to hear that these speakers will also get an upgrade to the new Connect + technology, it is enough just to run the software update through the JBL Connect application. In addition to the new Flip 4 Connect + speakers, they also support Charge 3, Pulse 2 and Xtreme speakers.

Portable and autonomy battery
As for portability, the new Flip 4 is equipped with the same 3000mAh rechargeable battery as the previous model, but thanks to better optimization it has reduced consumption and can work about 2 hours longer than the Flip 3 speakers, allowing up to 12h to listen to music on one charge, in Dependence on strength and type of music.


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